Reviews from Out Past Buyers


"Drove all the way from Texas to Idaho to find a Ford these guys had. I had one back in the 90's that I regrettably sold. Butter Classics ended up having one very similar to the Ford I used to own. When I received my vehicle I could not be more pleased. The vehicle was in immaculate condition, no rust, no mechanical issues, and my wife was thrilled. We drove 29 hours from Texas to Boise to get out truck. We are going to name it Matilda. Thank you so much to the guys at Butter Classics!"

Donato Vera
K10 Die hard

"I absolutely love the 72 K10's. These trucks, as a square body fanatic, are unbelievably built. When I saw Butter Classic's K10, I immediatly had to inquire seeing as how it had been fully restored. Quite honestly my expectations were low as restoration pick ups can look good in pictures and worse in person. However this wasn't the case. I did my walk around, took it for a drove, and immediately knew this was my next square body. A Job well done to the Butter Boys, will definitely recommend you to anyone in the future. P.S. I paid to have my vehicle inspected my a mechanic, it was a good token for peace of mind, however the vehicle checked out exceeding my expectations. Highly recommend paying for their inspection process by a 3rd party mechanic if you worry about those kind of things."

Reid Hamilin